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Welcome! Glad You Visited.

My name is Hector Padron and welcome to my blog. 


After much contemplation and countless social media posts, I decided to start blogging again (but this time) not on personal life matters, but on my unique point of view of the Bible and its applicability to everyday life.   

I have been studying and teaching the Bible for over 34 years and right from the very beginning of my walk with the Savior - before I understood theology and its various concepts - I realized that I saw patterns and images in the stories of the Bible that many could not recognize.  This tapestry of images seemed woven together throughout the Scriptures giving me a deeper and richer understanding of God.  I have come to refer to this interpretive method simply as an image-based hermeneutic for studying, interpreting, and comprehending the Bible.  Since then, I've come to learn that this approach - the allegorical approach - is not novel nor unique but stems back to Late Antiquity with the School of Alexandrian.

I hope you enjoy my perspective on some of the Bible topics I write about but more importantly, I hope you come to know this wonderful and amazing God who beckons us to come to Him and "taste of His goodness".    Soli Deo Gloria

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